Read aloud: O planeta dos pirralhos

Hello everyone! We are so excited to see you all back in school! Today's post is VERY special! Mr. Godk, our new Fourth Grade teacher coming from Brazil, has joined us in reading a story to you! How awesome is that?! As he is getting ready to travel to the US to teach our students … Continue reading Read aloud: O planeta dos pirralhos

Read aloud: banho sem chuva

Hey everyone, It's so good to be back! As we are warming up to go back to school, here's a new story for you: Banho sem chuva. A monkey named Mico Maneco really wanted to go to a party. However, his friend gave him one condition to go. Will he be able to do it? … Continue reading Read aloud: banho sem chuva

Weather: Seasons in Songs

Hello everyone! Since we are talking about the weather in our Science topic of the month, I'm sharing these two videos with you. They are songs with very helpful vocabulary for kids to remember some verbs and adjectives that are common to each season. Let's get them checking those out! Hope you enjoy … Continue reading Weather: Seasons in Songs