Life cycle of butterflies

Hello everyone, As we study Living things and their habitats, here's a cool video for kids to watch again in Portuguese: Also, they can see this pretty cool transformation as nature does its magic: Finally, if you have a little biologist at home, they'd probably like to watch this more detailed video (with … Continue reading Life cycle of butterflies

Read aloud: O planeta dos pirralhos

Hello everyone! We are so excited to see you all back in school! Today's post is VERY special! Mr. Godk, our new Fourth Grade teacher coming from Brazil, has joined us in reading a story to you! How awesome is that?! As he is getting ready to travel to the US to teach our students … Continue reading Read aloud: O planeta dos pirralhos

Book: O que é o amor? (Coleção Pequenas Lições)

Hey there! While browsing for some Valentine's books in Portuguese online, I came across this blog that has a collection of books called Pequenas Lições (Small Lessons) and they're pretty fun, and aimed at developing social & emotional intelligence. The one below is called "O que é o amor?" (What is love?). It would be … Continue reading Book: O que é o amor? (Coleção Pequenas Lições)