November – Frequent words (2nd grade)

Hey everyone! Tudo bem? As promised, here's a list of our Frequent words in November! We practice with them in small groups, WIN time, reading /listening /speaking activities, and now you can also print a copy if you want. Yay! pf-novembro-muralDownload Some of the things you can do with them are: have your child read … Continue reading November – Frequent words (2nd grade)

October – Frequent words (2nd grade)

Hello everyone! Oi! I know it's a little late, but here are the words we practiced on during the month of October. If you find it useful, you can have your child read, practice writing, and create sentences with them at home! pf-outubro-muralDownload Hope you have fun with it! Professora Figs.

Importance of Exposing Your Child to Different Cultures

By Laura Bone As a parent, I am always looking for ways to help my children grow into the best people they can be. Like it or not, we probably all have a wish list of character traits we hope to instill in our children. It isn’t easy to intentionally parent and choose between the … Continue reading Importance of Exposing Your Child to Different Cultures

Life cycle of butterflies

Hello everyone, As we study Living things and their habitats, here's a cool video for kids to watch again in Portuguese: Also, they can see this pretty cool transformation as nature does its magic: Finally, if you have a little biologist at home, they'd probably like to watch this more detailed video (with … Continue reading Life cycle of butterflies