Frequent words – March

Hello!!! Considering Spring Break is around the corner, I put together a few words we'll be working on this month. You can either download the slides or PDF file and have fun with it. Some of the words are pretty close to English, others are almost self-explanatory with the icon and examples. Either way, exposure … Continue reading Frequent words – March

Halloween vocabulary – flash cards

Whether you would like to print those, or just have your kid practice on the words, (making sentences, repeating, telling stories, they can get super creative on those), this is a pretty helpful set. These flash cards are sitting in my classroom throughout the month, so if you wanna get in the spirit of "Dia … Continue reading Halloween vocabulary – flash cards

Numbers 0 to 20 (pdf)

This one is for you to either print or have the kids practice on an iPad or computer. It's a PDF file with numbers from 0 to 20. It's super helpful to review or introduce numbers to the students who just got in DUAL. Have fun! numeros 0 to 20Download