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Read aloud: "A banana"

Hey guys! I just made another video with a new cool story to share with you. It's about a friend's request, and a crazy turn of events... One day, the mouse asked a rooster for a favor, that he would take a banana to a goat. The question is... Can the rooster resist? Will he … Continue reading Read aloud: "A banana"

Read aloud: "Um novo amigo"

Hello everyone! With everything that is going around lately, we all decided it would be so fun to have us, teachers, read our students stories. And it's my pleasure to read you a beautiful, fun story in Portuguese. "Um novo amigo" tells the story of a boy, Duda, who didn't have any friends nearby to … Continue reading Read aloud: "Um novo amigo"

Book: O que é o amor? (Coleção Pequenas Lições)

Hey there! While browsing for some Valentine's books in Portuguese online, I came across this blog that has a collection of books called Pequenas Lições (Small Lessons) and they're pretty fun, and aimed at developing social & emotional intelligence. The one below is called "O que é o amor?" (What is love?). It would be … Continue reading Book: O que é o amor? (Coleção Pequenas Lições)